Forget the “I have no regrets because my past makes me who I am” bullshit. My circumstances have not afforded me the ability to be so trite.

I have regrets. Big, snarling, horned and ugly regrets that have threatened to cut off my air. Did I run and hide? Yes. Did I eventually come out swinging? Yes.

Now, have I grown because of my missteps? Perhaps. At the very least I have learned a few things, one in particular: when you hurt someone you cannot take it back. Ever. In an attempt to never make this mistake again I will try to be the best daughter a guy could ask for.

If you were to ask his opinion, my dad would say that he already has the best daughter. (He’s biased.) So I’ll take it as step further. I will strive to be for him what I wasn’t for my mom. (Remember a couple of paragraphs up – the part about the regret?)

That’s all for now. Are you noticing how appropriate “fragmentarie” is?


~ by fragmentarie on 15 April 2009.

2 Responses to “Monsters”

  1. We are human. We make mistakes. Learning from these mistakes are what make us better individuals. The ones that love us the most are the ones that can see past those mistakes and shortcomings and see the potential and goodness you embody. Recognizing that gift from those special people is almost a gift within itself returned.

  2. And don’t for one second think your mom didn’t think you were the best daughter or I’ll give you a V8 across your forehead.

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