I got this tweet today from one of my BFFs (Yes, I used the term BFF and yes, I feel a little silly about it.):

“I totally turned around in the parking lot to run over a snake.”

I gave her a lot of crap about this. But why? Mostly because, if in the same situation, I would do my best to avoid the little guy, and have on many occasions with mice, squirrels, and frogs. (And I do realize that there is a difference, if only in likability, between snakes and frogs, etc. ) However, this doesn’t give me the right to judge her, joking or not. B. fears snakes, and I understand this fear. And it is because of that fear that  I will be the first to wish a scorpion dead. (Will I kill it myself? No. But that’s only because I can’t bear to look at them, much less get close enough to end them.)

But why all of the sudden have I become so unwilling to end a life, any life? I wonder when I became this person. A person who will take a spider outside instead of killing it (unless it could potentially kill me or my puppies). A person who will feel worse than she probably “should” for accidentally stepping on a worm. A person who sits in the middle of the road and cries when the damn squirrel doubles back and she feels that terrible “thump-thump”.

According to Jean Piaget, between the ages of 2-7 we become egocentric thinkers. Meaning that, during this developmental stage, the way we feel and think is the basis for what we “know” about the way everything else, living or otherwise, feels and thinks. I feel like that sometimes. There’s this little girl in my head that thinks “what about that snake’s family,” or “he was just minding his own business, not bothering anyone.”

Maybe it’s just that I hate death.

Love you B.


~ by fragmentarie on 21 April 2009.

3 Responses to “Snakes”

  1. Interesting. Nice reference to Piaget. I was so proud I actually knew who you were talking about. Robert hates frogs, and is terrified of them, so I think the likability factor is a personal judgement. For the most part, I think that you are a caring individual, and it is natural for you to hate death. I kill spiders and such, I figured, its the circle of life my little eight legged friend, and you would try to eat me if I were in your web. Goes both ways!

    • I was in the passenger seat when all this went down. I told her to turn around and kill it. She said that she had to run that way for class and was scared that it would bite her. So we had to play judge jury and executioner and made a command decision to end its life.

  2. So yes I totally ran over a snake. I actually dodged it first but because of our third amigo I got the courage to turn around. Luckily it wasn’t busy in the parking lot and I was able to cut thru the parking lot and turn around all super quick.

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