In 6th grade I had an assignment to write a piece of fiction. I dove into that assignment, I wrote and I wrote and I wrote (loving every minute of it), and I was so proud of myself. Proud because I created a whole story in my head and put part of it on paper. The characters were solid and would’ve been well developed had I not been shut down. The story could have meant something if she weren’t the only one ever to have read it.

My teacher said it was too long. That’s all I remember. Then I stopped writing and very nearly failed the class.

I wonder how this early critique shaped me, as a person, as a writer.

Do I blame my insecurities on one woman? Do I seek constant validation, even praise, because one person said something “criticalone time? Or do I put my big girl pants on and dig deep to discover why it is that I am afraid of the words that “fall out of my head onto the keyboard?”

This blog is a huge step because I’m leaving myself wide open to criticism, and unlike her, I don’t typically “appreciate” it.


~ by fragmentarie on 29 April 2009.

2 Responses to “Critical”

  1. I remember my 6th grade teacher telling me I couldn’t read R.L. Stine anymore.. That’s all I remember!

  2. I love the new background. šŸ™‚ I love criticism but it took me a while to get there. Writing is a great way to purge, express, and self explore. You bottle things up (from what I can tell) so of course it is scary to see those things in concrete form. But there is nothing but love here, and a lovely delete button if you dont like a comment. Criticism is a great way to grow, but you cant critisize someone’s emotions, or opinions, only techniques. I love your writing, so dig my friend.

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