I am here ready to write a new blog, to start a new part of my life, to create a me that I can be more at peace with. I even have a playlist titled “blog” – however, I keep playing the same song over and over. (It just happens to be the Song of the Day.) It is made up of a little of this and a little of that – some Iron & Wine, The Shins, Collin Raye, Broken Social Scene, Billy Joel, Kate Voegele, DMB, Band of Horses (!!!), etc. (It occurs to me that in listing the various artists in my playlist I am procrastinating. I guess this works out because the blog also serves as a means of procrastination.)

I bought a new pair of sneakers today. (Adidas because they are flat-foot friendly.) Gone are the days that I can use my lack of athletic footwear as an excuse to not go for daily walks. I’m told that walking can be an excellent stress reliever – fingers crossed cause I could really use some non-alcoholic stress relief right about now. This skin-crawly, need-to-bust-out-of-my-skin feeling is getting old.

While drinking several nights a week is enjoyable, it is not the healthiest approach to de-stressing. A glass or two of wine is acceptable a couple of nights a week, a bottle or two is not.

Lately I feel as though all I do is bitch and whine and complain. Now granted, I’ve got a lot going on but I should partake in “constructive venting” instead.

I’m not even going to re-read this before posting. This is where I’m at.


~ by fragmentarie on 5 June 2009.

One Response to “Progress”

  1. Robert and I have been going to the Medical Center Track if you want to join. We (I walk, he jogs) usually do about two miles. It takes about an hour but I already feel better! Cheers for progress! I am liking this new layout btw!

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