I am so unbelievably blessed. First and foremost I have this amazing family. Though this doesn’t consist of cousins, and aunts, and uncles, and grandparents it is mine. My family is everything to me. I know with them I will always be okay. No matter what tries to take me out at the knees. You know who you are; I love you.

My parents worked hard to instill in me all of the important things in life: generosity, friendship, love of music, acceptance of others, honesty, charity, compassion, respect, desire for education, etc., etc., etc. I am so lucky to have been blessed with parents that I want to be just like.

I have a home in a safe area. I have a car (the one that I wanted in the color that I wanted with the bells and whistles that I wanted) that reliably (if sometimes too quickly) gets me from here to there. I have clean drinking water, warm water for bathing, and a washing machine to really make all of this water work hard. When I am hungry there is food and when I’m cold or cuddly I have a menagerie of blankets. There are clothes on my back and shoes for my feet, glasses upon my face to compensate for my less than stellar eyesight.

Then there are all of the things that aren’t “necessary” but that I do so enjoy, though I know I take them for granted, take advantage of their availability. My music, books, movies, electronics, hair straightener, make-up, and wine. Framed photos on walls that are painted the color of my choosing. All 20 of my nails are painted and my water is bottled.

I have had the opportunity to travel, in and outside of this country. Though I have a wanderlust and an ever-growing list of places to visit, I appreciate that I have even been out of the city. This doesn’t seem like much since there are many that travel outside the city on a daily basis. But there are far more who are bound to such a small area for a lifetime, who never have the opportunity to get out.

My little world isn’t violent and scary and unstable. There are schools (though I continually question them and catalog what is lacking, the truth of it is that we have them and that is a good thing. While the system is fucked and the education it provides [please note I referred to the education the SYSTEM provides, not the teachers because sadly, right now their hands are kind of tied.] may not be ideal, the children can read.) and physicians, and a government that is comparably stable. I can rant for days about education and government, pharmaceutical companies and health insurance greed but really . . . look at how much worse it could be. (I do apologize for that mess of a paragraph. Welcome to my head. Deal.)



~ by fragmentarie on 18 February 2010.

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